An Umbrella Is Not a Parachute

From Daddy: I’m so proud of him and his basketball team! Their opponents today were stronger, bigger, and older, but yet his team stayed competitive and had the stamina and/or depth to dominate the second half! Click above or

This Morning

While we walked in the rain with umbrellas on the way to our haircuts, he asked me, “Daddy, does an umbrella truly help when you’re skydiving?”

I said, “No, an umbrella isn’t strong enough or big enough to make a difference.” Then I thought about it. “But, you know there is something big enough and strong enough, right? You know what it’s called.”

He asked, “What?”

I replied, “A parachute!”

He half-laughed, “Oh yeah! A parachute!”

A couple of minutes later, he took a couple of small hops. “You’re right,” he declared, “it didn’t help at all [in slowing his fall].”

Last Week

He was great last week in shooting practice…

…and his team had a great game!


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