The Brave Little Dental Patient

2015 03 18 16.28.33 Dental visit 2, March 18, 2015, 4:28 p.m.

Happy dental patient on his first visit to the dentist, March 18, 2015, 4:28 p.m.

From Daddy: This morning, he was the bravest boy ever! He had he first ever dental procedure.

The dental vaguely explained what would happen and asked if he had any questions. He gestured with his hand and declared, “I have a statement.” I don’t recall the statement, but I thought that it was funny!

During the hour-long proceed, coating was applied and dried on his molars and teeth were shaved down to make room for upcoming teeth.

He was so incredibly brave while I tried not to let on that I was traumatized!

He had nitrous oxide during the procedure and then several minutes with oxygen to recover.

I’m not sure if he knew that he was injected with anesthetic three or four times. The dentist described it as if his lip was “fat.” After the procedure, the dentist told him that his lip would probably be fat for two hours. THEN he began to cry, “I don’t want my lip to be fat for two hours!” I had to assure him that the lip would only feel fat but it didn’t look fat. We iced the lip a bit with a popsicle (which he didn’t finish; it’s in our freezer now).

He received three toys and two sheets of stickers.

He seemed quite normal within a minute of leaving the dental office. He began to skip down the sidewalk as we approach the street corner. Then he hopped down the street as we walked to the car.

I got him to school at the drop-off zone just as the morning bell rang.

I still need more time to recover than he did.

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