Four Square, Golf, Swimming, and Basketball

(or click to watch him play Four Square)

From Daddy: Four Square is one of his favorite games at school. Above is a video from Friday morning.

On Friday afternoons, he goes to The First Tee for golf, another favorite activity.

Then, on mid-day Saturday, swimming class!

(or click to watch his swimming class)

Finally, Sunday is basketball! I wasn’t able to attend because I bought the new car, but Mommy told me he learned about passing. I spoke with him about it, and he said that he learned three kinds of passes: The overhead or “soccer” pass, the bounce pass, and the chest pass. I asked him his favorite, and he said the chest pass.


After dinner, he and I went to move the compost container at Yeah-Yeah and Ngen-Ngen’s house to the street. Then he grew very sad because he was expecting to visit with them (they aren’t home).


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