Was Staying At Home Always Like This?

From Jen:

The following is a post I made on Facebook today.  Enjoy!

The Boy has been home from his morning golf camp for 2 hours and already, there have been these conversations:

Boy: I was really annoyed when you told me I was not quite tall enough for those ropes yesterday.
Me: You mean at My Gym?
Boy: Yeah.
Me: I wasn’t trying to annoy you, I was just being honest.
Boy: Yeah, well I didn’t want your honesty yesterday.

As I’m trying to do laundry downstairs:

Boy: Huh, I guess you shouldn’t touch the tires of cars.
Me: Did you get dirty?
Boy: Yep. Look at my black finger nails
(And I turned around to also find a Hitler mustache from him touching his upper lip.)

And, lastly:
Me: (After the tire incident) Go wash your hands with soap and water please.
Boy comes out wiping his hands on his pants.
Me: Please don’t use your dirty pants as a towel.
Boy: Mom, it’s not like they got dirty at golf camp. It’s fine.



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