He Likes Spending Time with Me

From Daddy: This morning, after he woke up, he walked into my bedroom. I asked him if he wanted to come into bed with me or if he wanted to get into bed with Mommy (who had recently shifted over to the guest bedroom). He crawled into bed, kissed me on the cheek, and told me that he wanted to be with me. I smiled widely. “I like spending time with you,” he said.

“I like spending time with you too, so much.”

Two Days Ago

He’s been sick and home from school since Tuesday. I heard him cough at 4:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning. At 5:00 a.m., I heard him whimpering. He complained about feeling poorly, and Mommy confirmed a fever. When Mommy went to call an advice nurse, he whimpered alone. I asked if he wanted me to be with him. “Are you still sick?” he asked. I had been sick since Saturday.


“Then, no!” he replied.

Later, Mommy managed to schedule an appointment with Dr. Wong–who she explained to him was a colleague of Dr. Chan’s, he usual pediatrician. “Where’s Dr. Chan?” he asked. “Is he sick?” Funny.

Until the appointment, Robert got to watch some of the movie Turbo, his new favorite film.

This Weekend

(or click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fu_fPXHGwBQ to watch some basketball)

Above is a video of his basketball class from Sunday. I was too ill to attend, but Mommy shared this video.

The class was in San Carlos, which was warm. He told Mommy, “I don’t like it when it’s sunny and warm because it makes me want ice cream and you always say, ‘No.’ ”

Below is a video of Saturday’s swimming class.

(or click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7wWSIFU15Q to see him swim)

Later on Saturday, while Mommy and I attended a function at her school, we left him at the arranged childcare site at the school. As we approached it, he said that he thought that he was like it; he remembered that he’d been there before! (Yes, the previous two years!) We were one of the first to arrive and the adult in charge recognized him. I covertly walked over the game cabinet and noticed that they had Connect Four! I made sure the the adult knew that he liked Connect Four. (He did get to play some that night.)

Later, I would hear that he ate lasagna (a step up from the usual pizza–good boy!) and divided him time between watching Frozen, the first and so far only movie he’s watched in the theater, and playing dodgeball. Actually, when I went to pick him up, I walked right through the dodgeballers because I didn’t think that he would play dodgeball. (He hates elimination games like dodgeball, tag when you can tag right back, musical chairs, sharks and minnows…well, I guess he’s over sharks and minnows now, right?) I didn’t see him, so I passed the dodgeballers again, walked to the movie room, didn’t see him, and then returned to see him put on a great jump/body turn/dodge then throw move. Wow, he’s over dodgeball now too.

I asked if he wanted to leave, but he didn’t. I picked him up again about twenty minutes later just after 9:30 and he was so tired. At home, after he took off his shoes, I asked Mommy to make sure that he was okay: He tried to fall asleep on the floor!


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