Robert’s Spring Break- Day Four

From Jen: Happy Easter everyone! Today we had a fun, if nontraditional, Easter. We started out the morning with a fun egg hunt at home.

Here are pictures and a video of our Easter morning:

What Robert found in his Easter basket when he woke up.

Dancing a little Easter jig.

Brian and Robert went with Ngen-Ngen and Yeah-Yeah to pick up some supplies at Home Depot. Inspired by Robert Tom (Yeah-Yeah) had built a 2 hole putting green in his backyard. They went to Home Depot to get supplies to put in one more hole.

Then they went back to Tom and Gina’s house to put the green together and have some lunch. I joined them after lunch to play a little golf and watch them play the Wii.

We finished the day off with a quick trip to the library (fun) and a huge dinnertime tantrum (not so fun).

Up for tomorrow: Another playdate with Judy and Abby. Check back for pictures.

Note: For some reason, this never posted. I guess I just hit preview after I wrote it on Sunday instead of post. Sorry for the tardiness. I am off to write the post for days 5 and 6 right now.


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