Robert’s Spring Break- Day One And Two

From Jen: So Robert’s school is out for Spring Break until April 16th. Because he only goes 3 afternoons a week, he won’t actually return to school until Tuesday, April 17. In an effort not to feel the weight of going back to all day, everyday with a 3 year old, I have devised a fun Spring Break Plan. For the 12 days school is closed, we are going to do at least one fun and/or special thing. Yesterday we saw a puppet show at Stonestown Mall in the morning, but Robert wasn’t into it AT ALL! So, we stopped by Costco for pizza and a few necessities before heading on to Serra Bowl. We bowled for an hour and had a fabulous time. Here’s a video:

For our second day of Spring Break, we joined friends at the San Francisco Zoo. We are members, but had not been in quite a while. The day was cool but sunny and we had a fabulous time with Judy and her niece Abby. We were also joined by Jen and her daughter Kate. I got a couple of not great pictures, so thank you to Judy for sending along the following:

Check back tomorrow for our next adventure. Since it’s Saturday, maybe Daddy will join us!


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