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February In Review

From Jen: Man, we’ve been bad about posting on Robert’s blog in recent months. So, here’s a little review of the last month.

Actually, let’s start in late January with a visit to LA to see the New York cousins who are now off for a few years abroad!
Here’s a pic and 2 videos from the car trip south:

At breakfast with Daddy

For Christmas Grandpa and Grandma Pam gave us all Disneyland tickets, so Robert took his first trip to “The Happiest Place On Earth”. Sorry for the color on this first one. My phone was on some weird setting for a while.

On the carousel at Disneyland

Hello Eeyore!

Driving in Toontown (definitely Robert's favorite "land")

The kids people watching and waiting for dinner in Tomorrowland.

Ending the night with a Mickey "rice krispy" treat.

Also in LA:

Pics above and below were taken at a playground in Griffith Park (L.A)

The following shots were taken during an outing to the California Science Center with my step-sister and my nephews:

And just a few more cute shots from our trip:

Puzzle time!

Early Morning Sunshine

Hanging out with Grandpa

All of Grandpa's and Grandma Pam's grandkids

Sleeping with friends (including the Mickey Mouse Grandpa and Grandma Pam bought at Disneyland).

Okay, on to February…

Unfortunately, the first day of February brought an allergic reaction to a peanut. He had had some peanut butter and a couple of peanuts before, but had never liked them. He had a reaction to cashews in the fall, as well. So we went to the allergist later in the month to find out he is also allergic to dust mites (no real surprise, as he had been sneezing and having itchy eye attacks for a couple of months).

Poor puffy, hivey, Robert

Each week, we take a fun outing with our friends the Lukes. One outing was to Chinatown on the first day of Chinese New Year. We bought some poppers and threw them with other kids at the playground.

Another outing was a fun scavenger hunt around a shopping center on a rainy day. (We ended up at the craft store getting things to paint at home). The pics are from some dress-up at the party store.

One rainy Saturday found Mommy, Daddy, and Robert on Irving Street getting haircuts. Robert, as you can see, sat on Daddy’s lap and watched videos in order to make the cut go smoothly. And this was the first time there were no tears!

Happy haircut boys

This weekend (2/26 – 2/27) we finished up February with 2 family outings. The first was a belated birthday trip to have tea for our friend Katia’s birthday. We got dressed in our nice clothes and headed out to enjoy tea (or in Robert’s case, hot chocolate) and treats. The kids also got to try out the dress up area that they have for kids.

Sugar cubes!!!!!

Mmmmm, hot chocolate!

Fun with dress up.

You look mahvahlous!

The outing definitely got 2 thumbs up!

And tonight, Mommy, Daddy, and Robert went for a little walk and dinner out.



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