Random Beanie Moments

From Jen: I got a new super cool cell phone (A Droid 2 for those of you who want to know). So, I have been taking some pictures of my adventures with the little man. And, here they are:

Robert and I often take walks down to Irving Street. If you haven’t been there, it’s very commercial. We usually end up at the produce market, the bank or the library. Sometimes, when Brian isn’t going to be home for dinner, we stop for some pizza at the pizza place.


Robert, if you haven’t heard, is obsessed with stop signs right now. So, if you say S-T-O-P, he will reply STOP! I was a little amazed, however, when he saw this sign and said S-T-O-P, STOP!


Recently, Brian was out of town. Here’s a pic of Robert and I out at dinner where he got to sit in a big boy booster seat. The first pic clearly shows how he felt about having his picture taken while he was drawing. 🙂

Booster seat 1

Booster seat 2 (Yum!)

Last week, we spent a day with our friends, the Lukes.

Backyard fun

Cheesy driver

Yard Work

We’ve also taken 3 trips to a playground near our house. Robert really likes it there. Especially the slides.

Ready, set...


And last, but not least, we took a morning trip to the zoo on Saturday. He asked to go see the penguins first.

Zoo 1

Here, he is watching how they fill up the penguin pool with a huge firehose type thing. If you look closely at the bottom of his pants legs, you will see that they are all wet from the puddles he jumped in on the way to the penguins. By the end of our trip to the zoo, his pants were damp up to his knees!

Zoo 2


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