Night-Night Light

From Brian: Tonight at dinner, Robert looked upward at the chandelier in dining room. (Well, he often looks up at it, commenting upon the “circle,” or the circular arc created by the combination of the chandelier’s light bulbs.) He said, “One light out.” Mommy and I looked up and noticed that, sure enough, one of the light bulbs burned out. We congratulated him for noticing. I remarked that I was glad that someone in the family noticed! Then he said to the burnt-out bulb, “Night-night.”

Later tonight, I read him stories and put him into his crib to sleep. Usually, he goes right to sleep but he sat up in bed and extended his hands and arms to me. He make a noise that sounded like “ahrmh” which I didn’t understand. I gave him a hug and kissed the top of his head. He reached up with his left hand to touch my elbow. “Ehlbowh,” he said. Then he rubbed my arm and said, “ahrmh.” Oh, now I got it! He said, “arm”!

I asked him to “Go to sleep,” and he said, “Go sleep,” then dove into the corner of his crib and went to sleep.

Below are a photo of his peace pajamas (which he didn’t wear tonight):

Peace jammies, June 30, 2010, 9:13 a.m.

Peace jammies

Next is a photo of him in peapod pajamas doing some of his favorite things (playing with shoes, drawing, and wearing a hat):

Shoes and Drawing

Shoes and Drawing


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