Funny Story

From Jen: A little background first. Robert has a small space heater in his room that is what we refer to as a “no touchy”. He’s generally good about it and it’s only on when he’s trapped in his crib. Anyway…

This afternoon I was in the kitchen and Robert was in his room. I heard “Uh-Oh” (his new favorite phrase). Then I heard running down the hall and him repeating “Uh-Oh, Uh-Oh”. When he got to the kitchen he looked at me and said “Uh-Oh”. I said “What’s ‘Uh-Oh’? Show me”. So, he led me to his room and pointed to the heater, which was now on.

I laughed “Thanks for showing me. No touchy please!” He then shook his finger at me to indicate that he understood that he wasn’t supposed to touch.

I love my son!


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